Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Project Based Learning

My previous post was a note that I wrote back in August and posted on my Facebook Account to several of my friends and relatives that are also teachers. I was just browsing my PLN and landed on Richard Byrne's site Free Technology for Teachers. I was glancing over his most recent entries and this video by Common Craft was posted and deals with Project Based Learning (PBL), a teaching style I've been learning and working with my students on more and more. You can watch the video below. Thanks to Richard Byrne and Larry Ferlazzo for the heads up and BEI for commissioning the video! This is an excellent source that describes exactly what I am feeling in my post below and how I feel, teachers should teach! Thanks! Here are some free resources for you to start using PBL in your classroom!


Tracy Watanabe said...

Hi, I found your blog through the Edublog Teacher Challenge. I am giving it a try also. =)

I too am interested in PBL. When I got my Master's in Curriculum and Instruction, educators started talking about PBL. If you are interested, here are some more sites with PBL:

=) Tracy

jenni.maartensz said...

Thanks for the video
I shall incorporate that into my classroom blog somewhere, once I get a bit more of a grasp on it (the blog that is).

I get slightly frustrated with the continued focus on standardised testing that our government continue to put such focus on. It stresses students, teachers, parents etc and has many schools putting too much emphasis on teaching to the test guidelines.

Skills related to thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration are not measurable in this way and are HIGHLY IMPORTANT! Everyone knows this but .... it doesn't make for easy state / country / world analysis and comparison! ggggrrrrrr

Now I am definitely leaving your blog to spend time with my son ;-)