Monday, January 3, 2011


I know I just started this blog, but before starting the blog, I had been blog "stalking" for ages. Since I teach I had a two week break and I decided to take a two week "sabbatical" from all things techonology related. I did so very successfully (minus my cell phone) and it made me realize two things. Being disconected is very relaxing, it took away so much stress and I was able to focus on things that really mattered, my friends and family, and being present in my life. It was so nice. But, now that school starts back tomorrow, I feel so behind and like I have a million and one things on my list to do. Technology helps out so much, but it is also extremely time consuming. Here's to 2011, hoping I am able to find the balance between my online presence and my real life.
Here's to a great new year and many blessings to you and your family,


jenni.maartensz said...

Hi Tabitha
Ahh, love it - especially your comment that the lack of technology allowed you to focus on friends and family!

We are often in the same rooms but in different worlds...amazing isn't it as technology has made the world smaller, yet it tends to augment gaps between families etc.

Yet the bonuses of technology are undeniable - recently I managed to renew a lost friendship with a guy in Greece who I met 16 years ago - all courtesy of Facebook....I was impressed as there were LOTS of people with the same name, but it only took 2 to find him! Without Facebook, he would have been lost to me forever!

Anyway,as you say, balance is certainly the key and I too shall make that my aim for the year....and I shall start right now by getting up and going to hug and play a game with my son, who himself sits now behind a playstation, gaming with someone in goodness knows which country!

Tabitha said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Isn't facebook amazing in that you are able to find people from all around the world in a matter of seconds? I am always impressed by it. I have recently been reading about teachers that are incorporating facebook into the classroom too. I think this would be a major advantage, I'll have to look more into it...maybe that will be a new blog post coming soon! If you have a blog, be sure to leave me the link so that I can hop on over to your page as well.