Monday, January 24, 2011

Creative Commons and Copyright Laws

I was just posting a comment on the Edublogger Teacher Challenge and it was becoming so long that I decided I should make it into a post to help those that read here too.

I recently became very aware of Copyright Laws because I took over the Advisor Position on our School's Yearbook. It was an extremely daunting task to take on and I had to learn laws very fast, and be able to turn around and teach them. I was extremely overwhelmed. What is Copyright? What is Fair Use? What is this Creative Commons thing I have heard about? Is it the same as Fair Use? I had no idea. I started in with research of my own and soon the legalise was so far over my head that my brain felt like mush. I called our yearbook company representative to ask where I could find out information with out all the legal jargon and she pointed to their website that was somewhat helpful, but not really. Then I just started with a Google Search. I should know by now that this is somewhere I should always start because the information always seems to be much more abundant and I am able to get a quicker and more clearer answer (even if it's where to do more research at) than anywhere else. I came across these 3 Youtube videos: Copyright, What's Copyright?; A Fair(y) Use Tale; Creative Commons, Let's Get Creative; that helped me learn what these things are, as well as help me teach the concepts to my class quite easily. My students picked up the concepts and ran with it on their own after watching the videos, in fact they are still singing the copyright song months later.

Have a Blessed One.
Miss Tabitha


Oona said...

As advisor to your school's yearbook a knowledge of Copyright and Creative Commons would be essential. I think well made videos that explain these concepts like Copyright are a lot easier to grasp that lots of words. It's great that your students are still singing the songs-must have been 'real' learning.
Tabitha I think your lesson plan on caves using art and technology would really engage students. They certainly wouldn't forget the experience- what fun and learning would result. Clever you!

Michael Grether said...

Thank you for posting the links about copyright & creative commons. It is important to remember that everything on the web was created by someone and does not appear there magically. Those people do deserve the appropriate credit/compensation that is due to them.