Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This was easy!

In Drawing class today (just one of the 12 classes I teach)the students had light bulbs going off today! One of the students even remarked, "This is the easiest thing we've done all year! Why couldn't we have started with this?" Well dear student, if we didn't start where we did, even though you whined and pouted to do other things all year long, you wouldn't be where you are now, where this is so "easy"! I love teaching, especially on days like today. Comments from students like this one make it so worth it. When the students see that they are learning and are seeing the improvements that they are making in leaps and bounds it is so amazing! Have a blessed day, I pray your students have light bulbs go off for you today too!


Ms. H said...

I really love those light bulb moments, too. You can really see on their faces when their thinking is transformed. I just taught the concept of an "epiphany" to my fourth graders and we've been having them left and right!

Thanks again for connecting me to your blog!

-Ms. H

hailey_wallis said...

I think its great how you take that negativity "Why didn't we start with this" (like we have no idea what we are doing) and turn it around to be a positive moment; explaining why it is an easy assignment now that they have learned so much. LOVE IT!

Miss Wallis